Dust Mite Allergy Bed Covers "Set Single US"

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Dust mite allergy bed cover set, so that you sleep healthy in the future

1. What is a dust mite allergy bed cover set?
2. What makes "original" allergy bed covers from Allergo Healthcare stand out?
3. Why is an allergy bedding set against mites so important?
4. Washing instructions of allergy comforter covers
5. Healthy sleep - tips for mite allergy

1. What is an allergy bedding set?

An allergy bedding set is a comforter cover that is used especially for people who are allergic to mites. Allergy bed covers are available for the mattress, pillow and comforter. It is important that the residues of house dust mites do not come into contact with humans. When choosing allergy bed covers, always look for appropriate seals from renowned institutes. A high particle retention capacity is essential for perfect all-round protection.

Therefore it is recommended to equip the entire bedding with an allergy cover set to ensure the highest possible protection. Please also remember to provide the bed side of your spouse or partner with bedding for allergy sufferers!

2. What are the features of an "original" allergy bedding cover set from Allergocover?

There are sometimes big differences when buying allergy covers. In most cases you can already recognize the inferior quality of allergy comforter covers by the price. Allergocover uses a high-quality "High tech fleece", which contains an innovative polyester/polyamide mixture. This offers the advantage that it is tear and stretch resistant and does not cause crackling noises during nightly sleep. On the other hand it allows a very dense processing, which prevents residues such as mite excrement from escaping to the outside. The residues of the mites are thus retained in the encasing.

3. Why is an allergy bedding set against mites so important?

The mite faeces, which are excreted in the bedding and mattress, disintegrate into its individual parts after drying out and are whirled up through the air, thus creating contact with humans. It is therefore very important to cover the mattress as well as the pillows and comforters with mite protection covers. It should not be forgotten that there are also small arachnids lurking in your partner's mattress, pillow and comforter, just waiting to make contact with you. Therefore, you should take thorough precautions.

4. Washing instructions of allergy comforter covers

Wash all allergy beddings at 60° before the first covering. After that you should wash the covers 2 to 3 times a year in the washing machine. Always make sure to wash them separately. You can use your usual washing powder, but you should avoid using fabric softener.

5. Healthy sleep - tips for dust mite allergy

In addition to the encasings already mentioned, there are other useful tips for a healthy sleep at night.

- Encasings: Equip your sleeping area with allergen-proof covers (Encasings)
- Bed climate: Avoid bedspreads and always let your bed cool down well
- Washing: Wash your normal bed linen regularly at 60 degrees
- Plants/animals: Ban animals and plants from your bedroom
- Airing: Air all rooms 3 times a day for about 10 minutes
- Carpet: Avoid high-pile carpets containing harmful substances
- Wipe: Wipe smooth floors regularly with a damp cloth
- Vacuuming: Let others vacuum or use a mouth guard
- Humidity: Make sure that the air humidity is low and do not use humidifiers
- Room equipment: Avoid open shelves or other dust catchers