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Dust mite allergy comforter cover - For optimum allergen protection, we recommend a cover for your comforter in addition to the mattress and pillow. Our comfort tip: Choose our quality and you will hardly feel the additional cover over your comforter.

Product features of the ALLERGOCOVER® dust mite allergy comforter cover

Perfect protection

The modern high-tech fleece made of an innovative polyamide/polyester mixture is impermeable to mites and mite allergens due to its unique production method and does not require any coating.

Optimal sleeping comfort

The excellent material properties will let you sleep wonderfully. The uncoated soft micro fleece prevents annoying rustling noises and also lets air and water vapour through. This is especially important because you will release up to half a litre of fluid per night.

Easy to clean

These boil-proof mattress covers for allergy sufferers are absolutely easy to care for, because you can simply wash them in the household washing machine with normal washing powder and even dry them in the tumble dryer on the lowest setting. If you wash the covers about two to three times a year and do without fabric softener, you will enjoy them for a particularly long time.

Dust mite allergy comforter cover - Made in Germany

Dust mite allergy comforter covers are produced by Allergo Healthcare in Germany. In Hagenow in Mecklenburg, Allergy beddings are sewn by hand for you with love and care.


Allergocover comforter cover for mite allergy

House dust mites find in the comforter with a humid-warm climate and sufficient food all the conditions that make mite allergy sufferers lose a healthy sleep. Mites feed on human skin particles. The dried mite excrement (house dust) gets into the air in the room and triggers an allergic reaction on contact with the eyes or the mucous membranes of the nose. With an allergy comforter cover, contact between the mite and animal remains is avoided. The allergy burden is reduced and a restful sleep becomes possible again.


How does a house dust mite allergy develop?

There are a large number of mites in our beds. They can be found in pillows, comforters or mattresses and are as small as 0.5 mm. They feed exclusively on human skin scales and feel particularly comfortable in a warm and humid environment. The excrements of the small arachnids, the so-called mite faeces, dry out and disintegrate into tiny dust particles. These come into contact with the human mucous membranes and conjunctiva through the air in the room and are absorbed directly into the body through the respiratory tract.


What are the symptoms of a house dust allergy?

A mite allergy is the second most common allergy, but remains undetected for a long time. Many affected people confuse the symptoms with a cold or have simply become accustomed to the everyday "restrictions". This not only restricts the quality of life and robs you of a restful night's sleep, but also has health consequences and can lead to asthma.


The following symptoms of a mite allergy can occur:


- General: frequent tiredness, headaches, lack of concentration, poor performance


- Nose: Sneezing fits, blocked nose, runny and burning nose


- eyes: itching, burning, reddened or watery eyes


- Lungs: irritation of the throat, scratchy throat, coughing fits, shortness of breath


- Skin: weeping rashes, dry, scaly skin 


House dust allergy in children - That is why the dust mite comforter cover is so important

Research has shown that a house dust mite allergy can be detected in children during the first six years of life. This means that the little ones' bodies already produce regular antibodies against the protein in the mite faeces. This can be recognised by a positive allergy test, which is carried out by medical specialists after the occurrence of symptoms and their symptoms. As with adults, it is therefore important that the children's bodies do not come into contact with the mites and their residues. An allergy comforter cover is an important basis for well-being.


How do I protect myself and my family against dust mite allergies with an allergy comforter cover?

The best way to protect yourself is to avoid contact between you and the mites. In this case, allergy comforter covers are the most effective solution. As the allergy covers can be easily removed, easy handling is guaranteed. When buying a comforter cover you can do a lot of things wrong. You should therefore pay attention to the following important criteria when buying a comforter cover:


It must be easy to remove

It should be washable at at least 60 degrees.

When removing it, do not shake it over the mattress, as skin flakes or hair may fall onto the exposed mattress, which is supposed to be protected.

In order not to put excessive strain on the material, it is sufficient to fully wash the Dust mite comforter cover once a year - preferably in summer so that it can dry during the day.

Exception: Allergy sufferers can also wash the allergy comforter cover more often (about 3-4 times a year).

Tip for drying: Avoid using a tumble dryer. It is best to stretch the cover with the corners over chairs to keep it in shape.

Avoid cheap products. Although these are initially cheap, they are usually characterised by cheap processing. If the "holey" processing then causes the mite faeces to come through the comforter cover, you will also suffer your symptoms again.


Dust mite allergy comforter cover

There are a lot of dangers in the comforter for mite allergy sufferers, which can not only cause unpleasant allergy symptoms, but also lead to the serious disease "asthma". With the Allergy comforter cover you are well protected against mites. 


Our ALLERGOCOVER® dust mite allergy comforter cover

Problem zone bed - here mites find ideal living conditions. Without protection you as a mite allergy sufferer are at the mercy of your allergens, the mites and their faeces, during several hours of sleep. This is why your complaints are greatest here.

The ALLERGOCOVER® intermediate cover is the simplest solution to reduce your symptoms immediately and effectively.

ALLERGOCOVER® has proven a clear reduction in complaints in scientific studies. For example, in a double-blind, placebo- and environment-controlled study, a significant reduction of 46% in complaints and medication consumption was proven[1].

ALLERGOCOVER® consists of a special microfibre fabric developed by scientists and clinicians that prevents mites and their faeces from migrating through your bed linen. At the same time, it maintains sleeping comfort because it is light, thin, permeable to air and water vapour and - thanks to the woven-in carbon threads - antistatic. This is how 93% of ALLERGOCOVER® users rate the sleeping comfort as good.[2]

The properties of ALLERGOCOVER® have been awarded top marks by Stiftung Warentest.

In addition to the fabric, safety seams and special zippers ensure very good particle retention.

We are so convinced of our product that we give a 12-year guarantee on ALLERGOCOVER®.

77% of purchasers of intermediate covers at pharmacies opt for ALLERGOCOVER®. You too can choose the market leader.[3]

ALLERGOCOVER®. Good night. Good day. Good life.



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