Dust Mite Allergy Mattress Cover

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The ALLERGOCOVER® dust mite mattress cover protects you safely from mites and mite allergens. The soft and breathable cover ensures a pleasant climate and lets you sleep comfortably.

Product features of the ALLERGOCOVER® dust mite mattress cover

Perfect protection

The modern high-tech fleece made of an innovative polyamide/polyester mixture is impermeable to mites and mite allergens due to its unique production method and does not require any coating.

Optimal sleeping comfort

The excellent material properties will let you sleep wonderfully. The uncoated soft micro fleece prevents annoying rustling noises and also lets air and water vapour through. This is especially important because you will release up to half a litre of fluid per night.

Easy to clean

These boil-proof mattress covers for allergy sufferers are absolutely easy to care for, because you can simply wash them in the household washing machine with normal washing powder and even dry them in the tumble dryer on the lowest setting. If you wash the covers about two to three times a year and do without fabric softener, you will enjoy them for a particularly long time.

Dust mite mattress cover - Made in Germany

Dust mite mattress covers are produced by Allergo Healthcare in Germany. In Hagenow in Mecklenburg, Allergy beddings are sewn by hand for you with love and care.

Small cause - big effect: Why house dust mites are a danger to your health

Although they are tiny, dust mites can be a real health hazard. After pollen, house dust mites are the second most common trigger for allergic respiratory diseases. It is not the dust mites themselves that trigger the allergy. In addition to the proteins from the carapace of dead and decomposed mites, both the eggs laid by female mites and the mite excrements have a high allergy potential. Not only annoying complaints such as itchy eyes or a stuffy nose plague the mite allergy sufferer, the greatest health hazard is a life-long bronchial asthma. Every second person with a mite rhinitis develops mite asthma in the course of his or her life. The best strategy for the allergy sufferer is to avoid contact with the allergy trigger as far as possible. The best way to do this is to ensure that the concentration of dust mites and allergens is drastically reduced, especially in your sleeping area.

How dust mite covers help you protect yourself from dust mites in bed

No matter whether you are interested in allergen-proof bed linen for health or hygiene reasons, Allergo Natur helps you to turn your sleeping place into a mite- and allergen-free area. Allergo Encasings are special medical bed linen from Allergo Natur, which was primarily designed for people allergic to house dust mites and is used specifically to alleviate the symptoms of house dust mite allergy. As an intermediate cover pulled over duvet, pillow and mattress, Allergo Encasings create an effective barrier against house dust mites and their allergens. As a result, you can rest at night and wake up more refreshed in the morning. The soft microfibre mixture also allows air and water vapour to pass through so that you feel completely comfortable in your allergy bedding. The timely and permanent use of Allergo Encasings can noticeably reduce your complaints, improve your sleep and reduce the risk of mite asthma. Therefore, the same applies to all of you:

The most important measure is the consistent allergy reduction of your sleeping area with quality bed linen that is individually tailored to you!


Why you won't find a dust mite dust cover "One for all" at Allergocover

A mite allergy can manifest itself in many different ways, e.g. via the respiratory tract, eyes, skin and the general condition. However, not every allergy sufferer is affected by symptoms to the same extent and the symptoms manifest themselves differently in each case. Your sleep and your mite allergy is as individual as you are as a person. Regardless of the symptoms, there are also very personal needs. Some people are real hot-blooded and do not like to sleep too warm at all, they rather need a light and airy quality. Others, on the other hand, do not want to do without the usual comfort of a light duvet and want a cover that they do not feel at all if possible. For children it should perhaps be a particularly hard-wearing yet highly breathable material. It is important to us that you are not simply "only" protected from allergens, that goes without saying. We want you to continue to feel really comfortable in your bed, enjoy your sleep and start the day refreshed in the morning.


Our ALLERGOCOVER® dust mite mattress cover

Problem zone bed - here mites find ideal living conditions. Without protection you as a mite allergy sufferer are at the mercy of your allergens, the mites and their faeces, during several hours of sleep. This is why your complaints are greatest here.

The ALLERGOCOVER® intermediate cover is the simplest solution to reduce your symptoms immediately and effectively.

ALLERGOCOVER® has proven a clear reduction in complaints in scientific studies. For example, in a double-blind, placebo- and environment-controlled study, a significant reduction of 46% in complaints and medication consumption was proven[1].

ALLERGOCOVER® consists of a special microfibre fabric developed by scientists and clinicians that prevents mites and their faeces from migrating through your bed linen. At the same time, it maintains sleeping comfort because it is light, thin, permeable to air and water vapour and - thanks to the woven-in carbon threads - antistatic. This is how 93% of ALLERGOCOVER® users rate the sleeping comfort as good.[2]

The properties of ALLERGOCOVER® have been awarded top marks by Stiftung Warentest.

In addition to the fabric, safety seams and special zippers ensure very good particle retention, which is checked and confirmed annually by TÜV

We are so convinced of our product that we give a 12-year guarantee on ALLERGOCOVER®.

77% of purchasers of intermediate covers at pharmacies opt for ALLERGOCOVER®. You too can choose the market leader.[3]

By the way: Here in the online shop, the sets are permanently reduced by 10% compared to the individual items and all items are conveniently available on invoice.

ALLERGOCOVER®. Good night. Good day. Good life.


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