Dust Mite Allergy Pillow Cover

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Dust mite pillow cover - you already have the important basic protection on your mattress? Then supplement the allergy protection now also for your pillow. The dust mite pillow cover is so important for your pillow because your head lies directly on your pillow night after night and therefore you have the mite allergens right under your nose.


Product features of the ALLERGOCOVER® dust mite pillow cover

Perfect protection

The modern high-tech fleece made of an innovative polyamide/polyester mixture is impermeable to mites and mite allergens due to its unique production method and does not require any coating.

Optimal sleeping comfort

The excellent material properties will let you sleep wonderfully. The uncoated soft micro fleece prevents annoying rustling noises and also lets air and water vapour through. This is especially important because you will release up to half a litre of fluid per night.

Easy to clean

These boil-proof mattress covers for allergy sufferers are absolutely easy to care for, because you can simply wash them in the household washing machine with normal washing powder and even dry them in the tumble dryer on the lowest setting. If you wash the covers about two to three times a year and do without fabric softener, you will enjoy them for a particularly long time.

Dust mite pillow cover - Made in Germany

Dust mite pillow covers are produced by Allergo Healthcare in Germany. In Hagenow in Mecklenburg, Allergy beddings are sewn by hand for you with love and care.


Mite allergy and its symptoms - Help by dust mite pillow cover

House dust mites are small. So small that they are not visible to the naked eye. Yet we share our nocturnal sleep with millions of these arachnids Besides the disgusting factor, the mites can seriously rob you of sleep and even cause illness. Allergy sufferers suffer from symptoms such as dripping or stuffy noses, watery eyes, sneezing attacks, coughing and general malaise. Often patients also complain of a so-called obstruction, they get bad air due to the narrowing of the airways. In many people, the mite allergy therefore leads to snoring. The symptoms typically occur at night.

Healthy sleep with a dust mite pillow cover

The reason for a bad sleep is the contact of humans with mites. The house dust mite's remains dry out and decompose into tiny particles. These are whirled up by the air and come into contact with eyes, nose and mouth via the pillow. Our mite protection cover from Allergocover prevents contact between animals and humans. The pillowcase for allergy sufferers has been tested by renowned German institutes (Stiftung Warentest).  Always make sure that the workmanship is of high quality so that the mite residues are actually stopped.

How to use the dust mite pillow cover correctly?

As soon as you hold the allergy sufferer pillow cover in your hands, you should wash it in the washing machine at 60° before putting it on. On the one hand, this makes the cover fluffier and on the other hand it gives you a better feeling. After drying, slip the cover directly over the pillow. Make sure that the zipper is well closed. The last step is to choose your home pillowcase and put it over your pillow as usual (including the cover).


Our ALLERGOCOVER® dust mite pillow cover

Problem zone bed - here mites find ideal living conditions. Without protection you as a mite allergy sufferer are at the mercy of your allergens, the mites and their faeces, during several hours of sleep. This is why your complaints are greatest here.

The ALLERGOCOVER® intermediate cover is the simplest solution to reduce your symptoms immediately and effectively.

ALLERGOCOVER® has proven a clear reduction in complaints in scientific studies. For example, in a double-blind, placebo- and environment-controlled study, a significant reduction of 46% in complaints and medication consumption was proven[1].

ALLERGOCOVER® consists of a special microfibre fabric developed by scientists and clinicians that prevents mites and their faeces from migrating through your bed linen. At the same time, it maintains sleeping comfort because it is light, thin, permeable to air and water vapour and - thanks to the woven-in carbon threads - antistatic. This is how 93% of ALLERGOCOVER® users rate the sleeping comfort as good.[2]

The properties of ALLERGOCOVER® have been awarded top marks by Stiftung Warentest.

In addition to the fabric, safety seams and special zippers ensure very good particle retention.

We are so convinced of our product that we give a 12-year guarantee on ALLERGOCOVER®.

77% of purchasers of intermediate covers at pharmacies opt for ALLERGOCOVER®. You too can choose the market leader.[3]

ALLERGOCOVER®. Good night. Good day. Good life.



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