Dust mite bites


Dust mite bites - What they look like and how they can be treated

There is no danger of unpleasant mite bites from a variety of mite species. The house dust mite in particular is harmless and feeds only on dead skin particles that people lose during their lives. Other mite species, such as the digger or itch mite, however, behave differently. Their bites cause severe itching and can even cause scabies.

Dust mite bites - How do I recognise you?

Mite bites are similar to insect bites and are characterised by redness or small swellings. On closer inspection, small ducts may also be seen. If this is the case, there are many indications that it is a graph mite. With this method they try to lay their eggs in the ducts under the skin. It is best to have this clarified by a doctor. With a reinforced magnifying glass he can determine the mite species and initiate countermeasures.

Dust mite bites and their symptoms

An unpleasant skin sensation as well as skin tensions and increasing itching are characteristic of mite bites.

In the case of house dust mites, the symptoms of a mite allergy manifest themselves as follows:

- General condition: Frequent tiredness in connection with headaches, poor performance, lack of concentration and general feeling of illness

- Nose: Sneezing fits, blocked nose, runny and burning nose

- Eyes: Itching, burning, reddened and watery

- Lungs: irritation of the throat, coughing fits, scratchy throat, shortness of breath (in asthma)

- Skin: dry, scaly areas, weeping rashes, reddened and itchy skin


Mite bites as pathogens

The small invisible arachnids are widespread. Avoiding them is not possible. To have sufficient knowledge about mites is the best solution. Mite bites can lead to various diseases. You will find some of them below with explanations.

- Scabies - short overview

Scabies is a skin disease caused by the itch mite. The small animals dig deep into the upper horny layer of the skin and form small corridors. In these they lay their eggs. When the newcomers hatch, the patient experiences severe itching at this point.

Infection: Over longer, intensive physical contact (hugging, sexual intercourse), sleeping together, caring for sick people, living together closely, sharing handbags

Symptoms: Small pustules/bubbles, small, reddish-brown mite ducts on warm parts of the body (between fingers and toes, inner edges of the feet, armpit area), severe itching and a burning rash

Treatment: Externally applied insecticides (full body treatment), tablets

Prognosis: Usually very fast and reliable treatment success, but skin irritations may persist for a longer time. No immunity, repeated infections possible

Obligation to report: to the public health department in case of infestation of several persons in community facilities

Important: Simultaneous treatment of all contact persons of the patient is necessary!


- Hair Bellows Inflammation

Hair follicle mites occur especially on the hair roots of human eyelashes. They feed on the bacteria and fatty substances found on the skin. In general, there is no danger. However, scientists suspect a connection between hair follicle mites and skin diseases such as acne or rosacea.


- Other diseases

Mite bites can also transmit other diseases such as tularemia, typhus, Saint-Louis encephalatitis and rickettsialpox.


- Allergy of the house dust mite

The dust mite's droppings enter the lungs via the respiratory system. Allergic people usually react with the above-mentioned reactions at night or early in the morning. If undetected and untreated, the mite allergy can develop into asthma.


How can I effectively treat dust mite bites?

An occurring itching triggers a scratching reflex in people. However, this is not an advantage. It promotes open wounds and inflammation.  We will give you tips on how to proceed best in case of a mite bite.

Disinfect: Clean the area around the mite bite and then apply a sufficient amount of a wound disinfectant. Alcohol is also suitable as an alternative
Cooling: Put a few ice cubes in a bag and hold them for several minutes at the itchy spots. Of course, cool battery packs are also suitable. However, make sure that it is wrapped in a cover.
Stab healer: A stab healer is a practical addition to a mite bite.