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Experience pure sleep - naturally with Allergocover

They never sleep alone. Millions of house dust mites are active in your bed when you want to rest there after a hard day's work. Perhaps you simply find the thought of sharing your bed with these tiny arachnids unpleasant. Or maybe you are one of those people who are allergic to dust mites and wake up every morning with a tired, stuffy nose or red, swollen eyes.


Allergocover bed linen products protect you from dust mites and allergens

For all those who prefer to sleep undisturbed by house dust mites - whether for hygienic or health reasons - Allergocover has a simple and proven solution. Our Allergocover bed linen products are allergen-proof intermediate bed covers that reliably prevent contact with house dust mites and their allergens. Since house dust mite allergens are extremely tiny, we attach great importance to the quality of Allergocover bed linen. The right choice of material, sewing thread, zipper and the entire processing make a dust mite cover an effective health product.


Allergocover - allergy bed linen specialist since 30 years

Allergocover is the first and oldest allergy bed linen brand in Europe. We are proud that our Allergocover products have been at home in allergy sufferer families for over 30 years and reliably help to alleviate the nightly symptoms of mite allergy.   The high quality of the dust mite covers is regularly confirmed by independent testing institutes to ensure that allergy sufferers worldwide receive a safe product. Allergocover is 100% Made in Germany, which means that both the fabric production and the upholstery production take place in Germany. This ensures the high quality of the allergy product.


Our mission

Customers who sleep in Allergocover bed linen and enthusiastically state: "I only sleep WITH!" are the greatest incentive for our daily commitment. It is our mission to provide allergy-free sleep for allergy sufferers and health-conscious people and to support them in a healthy and active lifestyle.