House dust mite allergy - solutions for everyday life

Make the mites as uncomfortable as possible! The worse the living conditions, the less mites feel comfortable with you.

With the following measures you can create a living environment that is allergy-friendly but hostile to mites:

1. Ban dust traps from your home: no bedspreads and decorative cushions, no thick curtains, no ornate furniture and open shelves.

2. Invest in wood, tile or laminate flooring - mites love carpet. And replace your upholstered sofa with a leather couch - because mites don't like leather.

3. Also invest in a vacuum cleaner with filter. Conventional vacuum cleaners disperse mites throughout the air in your home. However, even the best filter will not keep all mites away, so you should leave the room two hours after vacuuming. If possible, it is best to ask someone else to do the vacuum cleaning for you.

4. If possible, someone else should also take care of changing the beds for you. Only use damp cloths for dusting.

5. Do not use a steam cleaner! It is said to help allergy sufferers a lot, but it only kills part of the mites. The remaining ones multiply all the faster after the treatment, because the steam cleaner leaves a mite-friendly, moist climate. Mould can also easily develop in a humid climate

6. Before the winter season, you should clean your radiators, otherwise the mites that have accumulated over months will be distributed in the room by the thermal energy emitted by the radiators.

7. Pay attention to low air humidity - mites reproduce particularly well in a humid room climate. Ventilate each room three to four times a day and do not use air conditioning.

8. Especially protect your sleeping area from mites. Special covers for bedding and mattresses (allergy bedding products) are essential.

9. You should also ban plants and animals from the bedroom, as they are a good breeding ground for mites.

10. In addition, do not sleep unclothed - when we sleep we lose many skin scales on which mites feed. Also avoid getting dressed and undressed in the bedroom.

11. You can disinfect your children's cuddly toys by doing a regular "wash"(at least once a month, at 60 degrees). It is even safer to put them in a plastic bag in the freezer for 2-3 days until all mites are killed and then wash them out. It is best to make sure that the cuddly toy is suitable for washing when you buy it

12. Wash duvet covers, blankets and pillows regularly at 60 ┬░C.