ALLERGOCOVER - Mattress covers for people with a mite allergy

Beds offer perfect conditions for mites. Without protection, anyone allergic to mites will be directly exposed to their allergens, i.e. the mites and their droppings, for several hours while they sleep. This is why your symptoms, such as the incessant urge to sneeze, a runny nose, watery eyes or coughing and in severe cases, asthma, are worst here.

What you should look out for when buying a mattress cover?

1. Proven effectiveness
2. Imperviousness to mites and mite allergens
3. Sleeping comfort
4. Non-toxic materials
5. Easy to look after and long durability

Studies prove a reduction in symptoms

The ALLERGOCOVER® mattress cover is the easiest way to reduce your symptoms immediately and effectively. For example, in a double-blind, placebo- and environment-controlled study, the use of ALLERGOCOVER® led to a significant decrease in symptoms and medication use by 46%. [1]

Good sleeping comfort according to our customers

ALLERGOCOVER® does not use any form of coating or lamination. At the same time, ALLERGOCOVER® ensures sleeping comfort because it is light, air- and water vapour-permeable and - thanks to the worked-in carbon fibres - is also anti-static. Thus, 93% of ALLERGOCOVER® users rate the sleeping comfort as good.

The consumer goods testing foundation Stiftung Warentest has awarded top marks for the characteristics of ALLERGOCOVER®


ALLERGOCOVER® is free of

  • Optical brighteners
  • Other chemical additives


Easy to look after and durable

ALLERGOCOVER® mattress covers are used beneath the normal bed linen. ALLERGOCOVER® is washable at 60°C and can be spin and tumble dried. Light soiling can be wiped away easily. The material dries quickly in the air and can thus be used again on the same day after washing.

We are so positive about our product that we give 12 years’ warranty on ALLERGOCOVER®.


ALLERGOCOVER® – Size and quality

ALLERGOCOVER® is available in a variety of standard sizes. Made-to-order items are available in any size. We would be happy to send you a quote upon request.

For double beds, we recommend that you also use ALLERGOCOVER® for your partner’s mattress, and in the case of children with allergies, also on the parents' bed. This is the only way to ensure optimum protection against mite allergens.


[1] Brehler R, Kniest F. Allergy Clin Immunol Int – J World Allergy Org 2006;18:15–19.
[2] Müller-Scheven D, et al. Allergologie 1998;21:534-540.